“Akrum far exceeded my expectations as a realtor.  From day one he was able to get a feel for what I needed in a home and gave me excellent service. Most importantly he was always honest and I could tell that he is not the type of person to take shortcuts to make a quick profit.  He has YOUR best interests in mind above all.  I would send my brother or sister to him.”

Zach F. / Yelp

“Akrum is the epitome of professionalism: always punctual, knowledgeable, goes to bat for his client(s) interests, and thoughtful about which parts of town might best suit your needs. He is a careful listener and truly attentive.”

Patti L. / Yelp

“I highly recommend Akrum. He is a true all-star. Dedicated, serious, and accommodating. Don't waste your time with anyone else. Whether you need an apartment, a condo, a row house, or a single family home, Akrum is the man for the job.”

David V. / Yelp

“A friend set me up with Akrum and I couldn't have been happier. Finding a place in D.C. is a nightmare but Akrum was there to make life a lot easier. He truly exceeded all expectations for what a typical realtor would do. I had a lot of particular needs and requirements which weren't easy to find, but Akrum kept at it daily untill we found a place that worked.”

Tara P. / Yelp

“Akrum's not like a bunch of other agents we ran into while going to open houses. He won't settle for anything but the best of what he can make happen for you, and is also incredibly thoughtful and fun just to talk to while going through the whole process.”

Katie G. / Yelp